Cloud Data Management

Document Management Made Easy

Control the entire lifecycle of your documents and simplify content management

Create Order Out of Content Chaos

Are you drowning in a sea of documents? When files are not stored in a central location, the result is often poor organisation, mismanaged files and lost productivity. With KeMaru's Cloud Data Management solution, you can manage the entire document lifecycle from creation to retention—and everything in between.

What is Cloud Data Management?

Cloud Data Management is the combination of centralized, cloud-native content services with advanced security and governance. Put more simply: CDM is an easy and secure way for all of your teams to work together.

With Cloud Data Management, manual processes become digital and automated. Employees no longer have to spend hours each day or week hunting for information, and productivity soars. Collaboration across the entire extended enterprise becomes seamless, and the latest machine learning technologies help you maximize the value of every piece of content you have. No more siloed content, no more searching for information. With Cloud Data Management at KeMaru, you can finally work as one.

Robust Access Controls and Reporting

With KeMaru's CDM, you can keep track of your files with in-depth reporting on document statistics and performance, so you can see who is accessing and using what content. Manage user permissions and ensure files are not being accessed by unauthorized users or devices.

CDM in the Cloud - an example

a smart way to automatically create a website using selected files and folders from Google Drive. It’s a brilliantly flexible product, so you can set up a simple site in minutes or get more involved and create a showpiece.

OverDRIVE is designed for organisations using G Suite.

OverDRIVE is deeply integrated with G Suite and lets you create a website or portal automatically from content in Drive and elsewhere in G Suite.​

With OverDRIVE you can create great-looking web pages without the need for specialist skills - you simply choose from a wide range of Page Types.

Your staff or other users will have easy web access to the resources and information that they need. Also, it’s mobile-friendly.

OverDRIVE can be used by an entire organisation but quite often it’s used as a solution for a division or department.

OverDRIVE can be used for a project or event or for a special purpose such as health and safety, curriculum development or training.

Key Benefits

OverDRIVE sites are fast and flexible to deploy.

OverDRIVE does most of the work for you so you can focus on the content. There is no need for specialist skills.

Compared with creating a bespoke site or using a solution like Sharepoint or WordPress, significantly less effort and expenditure is required.

Also, your ongoing maintenance effort will be much reduced.


If you edit a document in Drive, the corresponding page is updated automatically in OverDRIVE. If you have the right permissions, you can also choose to update content from OverDRIVE and the changes are made automatically in Drive.

With a wide range of Page Types, you can really improve the user experience compared with Drive.

Data is updated automatically in the OverDRIVE pages so for example if you add a new Google Contact or add an event to a calendar, the updated information will be displayed.​

OverDRIVE is designed for mobile devices so users will have the best experience.

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