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Gmail is Google’s interpretation of email and the key component of the GSuite for Business.

Key features of Gmail are its combination of simple archiving and power search capabilities. You will never keep looking for your email ever again.

Its filters and labels can be combined to achieve things like auto-filing and since labels are more flexible than folders you can attach as many labels to an email address as you require – you will continue to only have one copy of the email (& its related thread), but make it available via all the different labels.

  • Gmail is accessible via any browser, on any operating system and device (laptop/desktop/handheld/mobile, Windows/Linux/Mac OSX/…, Chrome/IE/Firefox/…) as well as through email clients such as MS Outlook/ Mozilla Thunderbird / Apple Mail and more.

Offline? No Problem.

Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets & Slides... work offline too.

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